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We appreciate the importance of a first impression and why visual presentation is one of the key ingredients to a happy and successful business.  It is not only important for front of house to be kept clean, but behind the scenes of any office or work environment are equally just as important. Wherever the work area may be, being able to operate in a clean and organised work environment is fundamental to the well being of any business. 

We offer daily and weekly cleaning services which are flexible to meet demand, as well as being considerate to our clients budgets.  Our staff are qualified and trained in their tasks, professional in their work, friendly and sensitive to their work environments.

We are mindful of our environmental responsibility and use only products which are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.  The cleaning products and equipment which we use are sourced and supplied specifically to cope with the busy day to day workings within commercial premises.  We work closely with our staff, ensuring standards are delivered and maintained to agreed levels.

One of our core values of business is that our clients feel fully supported and continually satisfied with our services, nothing less will do.


Our Health Care Cleaning systems are set to ensure that we meet the standards and practices set by The Care Quality Commission.

We care about our clients and their patients safety and implement infection control practices to help protect them.  Our clinical cleaning practices are robust to help support our clients in tackling infection control and we operate our services using the following standards :

- Follow a daily cleaning programme
- Use virucidal and biodegradable cleaning products
- Follow a  colour coded cleaning system
- Use daily disposable and launderable equipment
- Closely monitor cleaning standards
- Supervise staff
- Invest in regular training with our employees
- Keep updated with government changes to cleaning practices
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