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"Your uniqueness and strength within the industry is your management style."
- Woodbridge Hill Surgery

"I would just like to say that I am very happy with the standard of cleanliness you have brought to our office. Staff here have made very positive comments, making our new contract with Maytron Cleaning a success."
- The University of Surrey

"We have used the services of Maytron Cleaning since 2015 and have found them to be thorough and conscientious. Maytron provide all their own cleaning equipment and products which are included in the cost to us. Any problems or extra services that we require are dealt with promptly and efficiently. We would have no hesitation in recommending Maytron Cleaning."
- Anglo International

"The cafe floor is amazing, we are all very impressed and really pleased with the result, apparently it looks better now that when it was new. The carpet in reception certainly looks and smells a lot cleaner, very noticeable when you walk in the front door and again the changing areas and toilets are very good. Thank your team for their hard work, we really appreciate it".
- Craggy Island

"Maytron Cleaning has serviced our offices at the Research Park for four years, providing office and laboratory cleaning and laundering of laboratory coats.  To date such services have been provided fairly satisfactorily and we have found on the whole the work is done efficiently.  We have found that they are very professional and willing to discuss any problems we might have either pertaining to staff or standard.  The products supplied are of good quality for the business.  I have no issues with communication as all my requests have been responded to promptly and competently.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Maytron Cleaning to anyone who was looking for conscientious and dedicated assistance in this area."
- Gnosys
"We had an unscheduled inspection from the Care Quality Commission and the inspector was very impressed with the cleanliness of the clinic and all your cleaning schedules."
- Surrey Cardiovascular Clinic

"We have an excellent business relationship with Susan May and her staff. They continually complete all cleaning work satisfactorily and to a high standard. They provide their own products and equipment and adhere to our contract specifications are are always responsive to our needs. The staff members have always been dependable, consistent, professional, as well as personable and display commitment to providing an excellent service. If you are seeking a cleaning contractor, I highly recommend Maytron Cleaning".
- Consult Hyperion

"Maytron Cleaning provided cleaning services for Dapdune House Surgery from 2012 to 2016.  During that period, they provided a first class service, the key to which was communication and supervision.  Sue May is a great front person, who it is easy to establish an effective and friendly business relationship with.  She is also a manager who has her finger on the pulse, when it comes to both looking after her employees and monitoring their performance; bringing them up short when it does not meet her high standards.  Reliability has been excellent.  In terms of standard of cleaning, all I can say is that it has easily met the high standards required of a clinical environment, including sailing through a CQC inspection.  All environmental concerns are considered carefully, as is COSHH and H&S.  Work has been carried out considerately, to avoid inconveniencing the practice.  A great cleaning company should be almost invisible:  you don't see the cleaners and you don't see the dirt.  Maytron achieves that, with the added benefit that you have an efficient and responsible manager, with great communication skills, who you can rely on.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Maytron Cleaning."
- Dapdune House Surgery

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